Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour Overview

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of captivating Sikkim and Darjeeling, where words fall short of describing their stunning beauty. Sikkim, while retaining its old-world charm, stands as a mountainous region that showcases a wealth of cultural heritage and pristine natural wonders. Aptly known as the ‘organic state’ of India, it offers the delightful opportunity to savor farm-fresh fruits and vegetables straight from its abundant gardens.

Explore picturesque high-altitude lakes, behold rejuvenating mountain vistas, and immerse yourself in the serenity of Buddhist monasteries for an enchanting experience.Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, holds its own surprises! Ideally nestled on a mountain ridge, this charming city exudes a rustic allure and serves as a perfect base for numerous treks.

Kanchenjunga mountain range view from Yangtey Sikkim.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring views of Kangchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world. Pelling, another captivating destination in Sikkim, offers its own unique charm. Equally enchanting is Darjeeling, often referred to as the ‘Queen of Hills.’ This enchanting Victorian town is renowned for its mountainous beauty, adorned with Buddhist monasteries and temples

For nature enthusiasts seeking the bliss of natural beauty and the thrill of majestic mountains, our 7 Nights/8 Days tour to Gangtok, Pelling, and Darjeeling is the ultimate choice! Embark on this remarkable journey to discover the finest attractions of Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Duration: 07 Nights/08 Days
Price: ₹ 17500 ₹ 14500   Per Head
2 Pax ₹ 14500   Per Head
4 Pax ₹ 13500   Per Head
8 Pax ₹ 10500   Per Head

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour Itinerary

Gangtok City, Sikkim Tour Package from kolkata

Upon your arrival at NJP/Bagdogra, our dedicated representative will extend a warm welcome and accompany you to Gangtok (1437 m). We will assist you with a seamless check-in process at the hotel.

Take some time to freshen up and unwind. In the evening, indulge in a leisurely stroll along MG Marg, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. Rest and rejuvenate overnight at the hotel.


After enjoying a relaxed breakfast, we will embark on our journey to Tsomgo Lake (12,400 ft/3750 m) and Baba Harbhajan Mandir (13,200 ft/4000 m) at approximately 8 am. As we navigate the winding roads amidst breathtaking mountainous terrain, you will be treated to awe-inspiring vistas.

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake, situated at an altitude of 12,400 ft, is a truly enchanting sight, exuding a sense of serenity, and is regarded as a place of sacred significance. The lake undergoes a captivating transformation with each passing season, adorned with a pristine white snow blanket in winter and surrounded by vibrant blooms in spring.

Baba Harbhajan Mandir

A visit to Baba Harbhajan Mandir is an absolute must during your Sikkim sojourn. This revered shrine commemorates the valorous Indian soldier, Baba Harbhajan Singh, who tragically lost his life near Nathula Pass in eastern Sikkim while braving treacherous weather conditions on a mission to deliver supplies to a remote post.

Upon completion of the excursion, we will return to Gangtok, where you will enjoy a comfortable overnight stay at the hotel.

Please note that, for an additional cost, you have the opportunity to explore Nathula Pass on the same day. Standing tall at an altitude of 14,140 feet, Nathula Pass stands as one of India’s highest motorable passes and has played a significant role as a historical trading border post connecting India and Tibet.

Best Place in Gangtok, Enchey Monastery

As the morning sun casts its gentle rays upon Gangtok, a day of enchanting exploration awaits. After indulging in a delightful breakfast, we will embark on a captivating journey through the city’s most cherished sights.

Our first stop is Ganesh Tok, a place steeped in history and revered by generations of visitors. As you walk amidst the ancient whispers, allow yourself to be embraced by the awe-inspiring views of Kangchenjunga, the mighty guardian of these lands. The ethereal beauty of the surrounding landscape will surely leave you breathless.

Leaving Ganesh Tok behind, we venture towards the mesmerizing Banjhakri waterfall, a hidden gem nestled amidst nature’s embrace.

Here, time seems to stand still as you revel in the tranquil ambiance. Find solace in the symphony of falling water, and perhaps even enjoy a delightful picnic, creating cherished memories in this haven of serenity.Our journey through Gangtok’s vibrant tapestry of culture takes us to the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology.

Step into a world where Tibetan architecture and Buddhist heritage converge, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of centuries-old traditions. The institute’s halls whisper stories of devotion and wisdom, inviting you to delve deeper into the profound essence of this ancient land.

Prepare for an exhilarating ascent as we approach the Ropeway, a marvel of engineering that reveals breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding mountains.

Let your gaze wander across the majestic peaks, each one a sentinel guarding the secrets of the Himalayas. Allow the vastness of the landscape to awaken a sense of wonder within you.

Our journey through Gangtok’s wonders continues, leading us to the cascading beauty of Bakthang Waterfalls and the sacred allure of Do Drul Chorten Stupa.

We will then ascend to Tashi View Point, where the horizon unfolds in a breathtaking tapestry of colors, painting a portrait of nature’s grandeur.Our exploration will bring us to the Directorate of Handicraft and Handloom, a treasure trove of traditional craftsmanship and artistic mastery. Witness the skilled hands at work, breathing life into exquisite creations that reflect the soul of this land.

As the day draws to a close, we find solace and spiritual solace in the serene embrace of Enchey Monastery, where prayers have echoed through the ages.

Finally, immerse yourself in a riot of colors and fragrances at the Flower Show, where nature unveils its kaleidoscope of beauty.With hearts full of cherished memories and spirits uplifted by the tales woven throughout the day, we return to our sanctuary, grateful for the opportunity to have experienced the soul-stirring wonders of Gangtok


Once you’ve savored a delightful breakfast, we embark on a captivating journey to Pelling. As we leave Gangtok behind, a scenic tapestry unfolds before our eyes. Lush tea gardens adorn the landscape, while majestic mountains stand tall in the distance, creating a breathtaking backdrop for our adventure. Nature’s artistry is on full display as we traverse through this picturesque route.

Our destination, Pelling, welcomes us with open arms. Nestled amidst a tranquil forest of towering pine trees, this charming town casts a spell on every visitor.

The air is crisp and pure, infused with the scent of the wilderness. As we gaze toward the horizon, we are greeted by an awe-inspiring sight. The snow-capped peaks, including the majestic Kangchenjunga, command our attention, inviting us to immerse ourselves in their grandeur.

Pelling not only captivates us with its natural beauty but also holds stories of the past. Ancient monasteries, guardians of history and spirituality, dot the landscape, adding an aura of mystique to this enchanting town.

After our journey of approximately 5 hours, it’s time to unwind and replenish our energy. Take a well-deserved rest and indulge in the freedom to explore Pelling at your own pace. Let the serenity of this place embrace you as you immerse yourself in the wonders that await.


As the sun rises over Pelling, a world of enchantment awaits. After nourishing your body with a satisfying breakfast, prepare yourself to embark on a journey of discovery through the local treasures of this picturesque town.

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour Sightseeing: Kanchenjunga Waterfalls

Our first destination is the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga Waterfalls. As we approach, the sound of rushing water becomes more pronounced, drawing us closer to its majestic cascade. The waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery, emanates a powerful energy that invigorates the soul. Stand in awe as the water plunges down, creating a spectacle of nature’s raw beauty.

Pelling Sightseeing: Sewaro Rock Garden

From there, we make our way to the serene Sewaro Rock Garden. This hidden gem is a haven of tranquility, adorned with vibrant flora and soothing green landscapes. Let the serenity of this place wash over you as you find solace in its natural embrace.

Darap Valley

Our journey continues to the breathtaking Darap Valley. Nestled amidst rolling hills and gentle meadows, this scenic retreat offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the panoramic vistas, letting the peace and serenity of the surroundings rejuvenate your spirit.

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour Popular Attraction: Pema Yangtse Monastery

After a well-deserved lunch break, we resume our exploration, venturing to the captivating sights that await us. The Pema Yangtse Monastery stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region, its intricate architecture and peaceful ambiance captivating all who enter its hallowed halls.

Helipad Ground

As we ascend to the Helipad Ground, a panoramic view unfolds before us, showcasing the natural splendor that surrounds Pelling. Let your gaze wander across the horizon, taking in the majestic peaks and verdant valleys that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Rimbi Waterfalls

The journey continues with a visit to the enchanting Rimbi Waterfalls, where cascading streams of water create a symphony of sound and movement. Marvel at the sheer force and beauty of nature as the water gracefully descends, leaving a trail of mist and wonder in its wake.

Khecheopalri Lake

Next, we arrive at the sacred Khecheopalri Lake, a place of deep spiritual significance. Legend has it that the lake possesses the power to fulfill wishes. Take a moment to reflect, to connect with the sacred energy that permeates the air, and perhaps make a heartfelt wish of your own.


Our final stop takes us to the historic ruins of Rabdentse, once the capital of the Kingdom of Sikkim. As we wander among the ancient remnants, imagination transports us to a bygone era, where kings and queens ruled over this majestic land. Feel the echoes of the past and marvel at the resilience of history.

As the day draws to a close, we make our way back to the comforts of our hotel. The memories of the day’s adventures linger, weaving a tapestry of experiences that will forever be etched in our hearts. Rest well, for tomorrow holds even more wonders to discover.


As the morning sun casts its golden rays upon the land, a new adventure beckons. After savoring a delightful breakfast, we embark on a scenic drive to the captivating town of Darjeeling.

The road ahead may not be without its twists and turns, but it is along this journey that we are rewarded with nature’s bountiful treasures. Gaze out of the window as we traverse through emerald green tea gardens, their lush leaves dancing in the breeze.

Listen closely and you might catch the gentle melodies of rivers flowing, weaving their way through the picturesque landscape. Passing through quaint villages, each with its own story to tell, we witness the vibrant tapestry of local life unfolding before our eyes. And as we cross old bridges that stand as testaments to the passage of time, we are reminded of the resilience and craftsmanship of those who came before us.

Darjeeling Tea Garden

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour Best Attraction: Tiger Hill

As the first rays of dawn begin to paint the sky in hues of pink and gold, a sense of anticipation fills the air. It is early morning, around 4 am, and our journey to witness a breathtaking spectacle is about to unfold. We embark on a drive towards the renowned Tiger Hill, standing tall at an elevation of 2590 meters.

As we ascend higher, the cool mountain air wraps around us, invigorating our senses. Our destination awaits, promising unparalleled views of the sunrise over the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Nature’s masterpiece unfolds before our very eyes as the sun emerges from behind the distant peaks, casting a golden glow upon the snow-capped summit.

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour popular Attraction: Batasia Loop

After basking in the awe-inspiring beauty of the sunrise, we make our way back, weaving through the enchanting landscape.

Our journey leads us to the Batasia Loop, a marvel of engineering where the railway track forms a spiral loop, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys. Here, we pause to take in the serene beauty and pay a visit to the Ghoom Monastery, a spiritual sanctuary nestled amidst the misty mountains.

As the morning unfolds, we indulge in a delicious breakfast, fueling our bodies and spirits for the adventures that lie ahead. Our next destination beckons us to the Japanese Temple, a sanctuary of serenity that showcases traditional Japanese architecture and serves as a revered Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour: Darjeeling Sightseeing Second Phase

Our exploration continues as we delve into the rich tapestry of Darjeeling’s attractions. We pay a visit to the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, home to fascinating Himalayan wildlife.

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of mountaineering, inspiring visitors with stories of triumph and courage. The mighty Tenzing Rock captures our attention, a massive natural monolith that pays homage to the legendary mountaineer Tenzing Norgay.

Our journey leads us to the Peace Pagoda, a symbol of harmony and tranquility, where we find solace amidst its serene surroundings. And as we catch a glimpse of the Chitrey Tea Garden, its lush green expanse stretching as far as the eye can see, we are reminded of the rich tea heritage that thrives in these hills.

As the day draws to a close, we take a leisurely stroll along the bustling Mall Road, immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere, indulging in local delicacies, and cherishing the memories created throughout the day. The charm of Darjeeling lingers in the air, and we retire for the night, eager for the adventures that await us on the morrow.

Finally, we arrive at our destination, Darjeeling, a place that holds an undeniable allure. The hotel awaits us with open arms, providing a haven of comfort and tranquility.

Check-in and allow yourself to settle into the embrace of this charming town.As the day fades into twilight, the promise of a restful night’s sleep lingers in the air. The memories of the day’s journey fill our hearts, whispering tales of beauty and discovery. May your dreams be filled with anticipation for the wonders that await us in the days ahead.

Sikkim Tour Package Pickup Location NJP Railway Station

After breakfast, we’ll check out from the hotel and drive you back to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) or Bagdogra Airport (IXB), and your tour ends. Until we meet again on the next tour, cherish the memories we’ve created together!

Cancellation policy

For a 10% refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

Tour Includes

  • *Pickup & Drop from NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra/Pakyong
  • All Sightseeing
  • Hotel
  • Breakfast (@ Hotel)
  • Lunch (@ Hotel)
  • Evening Snacks (@ Hotel)
  • Dinner (@ Hotel)

Tour Excludes

  • Entry fee
  • Parking Charges
  • Local Taxi
  • Activities
  • Extra Food
  • Mineral Water

Important information

* In our sharing based tour package pickup option is not available.

* Price may Increase or decrese seasonal rate wise.

* After enquire the price may change with in 7 days.

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