Uttarey Travel Guide 2023

Uttarey Travel Guide The Valley Of Nature

Explore Uttarey, a serene town in West Sikkim, close to Nepal. Situated about 30 kilometers from the popular tourist destination of Pelling, Uttarey is known for its tranquility and abundant attractions. From the elevated slopes of Uttarey, you can admire the magnificent Kanchenjunga mountain range.

The Valley Of Nature

Located in the western region of Sikkim, Uttarey is easily accessible from Pelling or Dentum. Along the way, you’ll cross the impressive Singshore Bridge, known as the second highest bridge in Asia. Uttarey is situated at an elevation of approximately 6600 feet.

Experience the serenity and natural beauty of Uttarey, offering stunning views of the unexplored Himalayan Mountains. Embrace the tranquil atmosphere and indulge in the sublime vistas of snow-covered peaks during winter.

Sightseeing Destinations At Uttarey

The Kagyu Monastery

The Kagyu Monastery

The Kagyu Monastery in Uttarey is a revered place of worship and popular tourist spot. Surrounded by dense forests, it showcases valued wall paintings. Located just a 10-minute walk from Titanic Park on a hill, this historic monastery was established in 1711. Despite renovations, its timeless charm from 1711 still captivates visitors.

Tenzing Hillary Memorial Park

The park was established in 2015 to enhance Uttarey’s appeal. Despite the road conditions, it offers mesmerizing views of the area, including the majestic Kanchenjunga range on clear mornings. You’ll also find statues of two renowned climbers displayed here.

The Titanic Park

A replica of the famous Ship is built near the main market of Uttarey. Although the building is currently closed, it offers a picturesque spot for photography.

Trout Farm

The trout farm is situated just 2 kilometers from Uttarey town. It boasts spacious lakes teeming with thousands of trout fish. The tranquil surroundings invite you to relax and enjoy the nearby river.

Mainbass Waterfall

There is a beautiful waterfall near Uttarey that can be reached on foot. It is approximately 7 kilometers away from Uttarey town. Follow the westbound road from Uttarey, which leads to the trout farm. From there, a 5-kilometer walk along a forested trail will bring you to Mainebass Falls. Camping near the waterfall is also a perfect spot to relax.

How To Reach Uttarey?

From Airport

If you’re traveling to Bagdogra from other cities, there are no direct buses or shared jeeps available. Instead, you’ll need to reach Siliguri first and then hire a shared jeep. To get to Siliguri from Bagdogra, simply walk for 5 minutes from the airport to the highway. Cross the road and wait for buses or other vehicles.

The journey to Siliguri will take around 30 minutes. If you’re lucky, you’ll often hear drivers shouting “Siliguri” just outside the airport exit. Hop on and ask to be dropped near the SNT bus stand. From there, you can find jeeps to Uttarey and Jorethang. In case you can’t find direct jeeps, you can go to Jorethang first and then switch at the Jorethang center. Alternatively, you can save time by booking a flight to the newly launched Pakyong airport. From Pakyong, you can easily find cab services to Uttarey.

From Railway Station

If you’re traveling by train, your final destination should be New Jalpaiguri (NJP). From there, shared vehicles to Yuksom are not available. Instead, you need to reach Siliguri SNT bus stand. At the bus stand, you can find jeeps to Uttarey and Jorethang. In case you can’t find direct jeeps, you can go to Jorethang first and then switch at the Jorethang center.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Uttarey

The best time to visit West Sikkim is during the pleasant summer season. It’s advisable to avoid the freezing winter months. October-November is also a favorable time to explore the area.

Uttarey In Summer(April – June)

West Sikkim enjoys a wonderful climate from February to October, with cool summers ranging from 13 to 26 degrees Celsius. This attracts many tourists seeking a refreshing summer escape. It’s also a great time for trekking and mountaineering adventures.

Uttarey In Summer(July – September)

Avoid traveling to Sikkim during these months as heavy rainfall and landslides are common in this eastern hill station.

Uttarey In Winter(November- March)

During the winter months, the state experiences extremely cold weather. Pelling, Yuksom, and other higher-altitude areas often witness snowfall. Therefore, December to February is the ideal time to enjoy snowfall. However, trekking is not recommended during this period.

Uttarey is indeed a delightful town with inexhaustible nature in the midst of a valley of home grown plants encompassed by slopes which sprout in an endless exhibit of Rhododendrons. Nature has entire heartedly showered itself in this town and that is particularly obvious in the ceaseless greenery of the territory.

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