Ravangla Travel Guide 2023

Explore Ravangla a popular destination situated between Pelling and Gangtok in south Sikkim. This charming mountain town offers a laid-back atmosphere, providing a perfect escape from the tourist crowds. Nestled amidst the mountains, Ravangla allows you to unwind, embrace a slower pace of life, and indulge in the soothing embrace of nature. At an altitude of 7000 ft, Ravangla, also known as Rabongla, may not offer picturesque views of the Himalayas from its main streets.

However, embarking on treks starting from Ravangla presents a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the mountains.Ravangla is a preferred choice for adventurous travelers looking to venture off the beaten path in Sikkim. Serving as a convenient base. it allows easy exploration of other towns in the region. This distinctive town offers a diverse array of flora and fauna, charming surrounding villages showcasing the local lifestyle, breathtaking views, ancient monasteries, and vibrant cultural celebrations. The exuberant traditional festivals celebrated here are a delightful experience for travelers from India and around the world.

Climate And Best Time To Visit

Ravangla has an unpredictable climate, and is known for being rainy at short notice. It is best to avoid the monsoon entirely. Autumn is the best season to visit – from September to December.

Getting There & Getting Around Ravangla

Ravangla is easily accessible from both the airport and railway stations. The nearest airport is Bagdogra airport. is located 124 km away, while the closest railway station, New Jalpaiguri, is approximately 119 km away. Moreover, Ravangla boasts excellent road connectivity to major towns and cities in Sikkim and neighboring West Bengal, including Gangtok, Pelling, Namchi, and Darjeeling.

Many people prefer to trek around Ravangla. The other alternative to getting around is to book a taxi with a travel agent.

Sightseeing & Activities

Ravangla, a small yet enchanting town, has the power to captivate travelers. Just a short distance away from the main town, you’ll discover mesmerizing monasteries and other intriguing attractions. The journey to these local sights is equally breathtaking, offering scenic views throughout.

Buddha Park

Buddha Park, established in 2006 to celebrate Gautam Buddha’s 2550th birth anniversary, is a prominent site in Sikkim’s pilgrimage tourism circuit. The park showcases a majestic 130 ft statue of Gautam Buddha, surrounded by a well-maintained park. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas, seemingly floating among the clouds. The serene Cho Djo Lake adds to the natural beauty of the place.The park a popular tourist destination, seamlessly blends spirituality with its scenic surroundings. It provides a tranquil space to relax, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and find inner peace. Within the park, you can explore a meditation hall, museum, and a Buddhist conclave, further enriching your experience.

Bon Monastery

The Bon Monastery, also known as Bon Yung Dung Monastery, is situated in Kewzing, near Ravangla. It is one of the two Bon sect monasteries in India and was constructed in 1980 by Yung Dung Tsultrim. The monastery serves as an educational institution for Bon teachings and also accommodates underprivileged students. Visitors can explore Buddhist artifacts, paintings, Buddha deities, and observe the daily activities of young Bon sect monks.

Ralang Monastery

This monastery in Sikkim stands out from others in several ways. Its design boasts a striking symmetry and impeccable construction. What sets it apart even further is that it can only be reached by trekking. Situated 13km away from Ravangla, it serves as a symbol of Buddhist prosperity and is rooted in a fascinating legend.

According to the legend, when the fourth Chogyal (king) of Sikkim returned, the Karmapa blessed Tibet with a handful of rice grains, some of which landed at the very spot where the present monastery was erected.

Every August, the monastery hosts a remarkable cultural festival known as Pang Lhabsol. This extraordinary event showcases the grandeur and jubilation of Buddhist traditions. To witness this captivating festival, please inquire about the festival dates before your visit.

Ralong Hot Springs

Ralong Cha Chu, the local name for these natural hot springs near Ravangla, is a popular attraction. These pools of warm sulphurous water are believed to have therapeutic properties and serve as natural saunas. With their scenic surroundings and religious significance near holy caves, they offer an ideal spot for trekking and relaxation. The best time to visit is between March and May for pleasant weather. Ravangla is a must-visit destination for a refreshing detour from the usual tourist spots.

Ravangla Current Weather

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