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North Sikkim Scenic Village Lachen Travel Guide 2024

Discover Lachen, the charming sister town of Lachung, nestled in the breathtaking Himalayan wonders. Embraced by the majestic Lachen Chu river and encircled by magnificent mountain ranges, this hidden gem awaits. Situated at an elevation of 8838ft and a mere 109 km away from Gangtok, Lachen serves as the gateway to exhilarating treks further north into the Himalayas, as well as to the enchanting Gurudongmar Lake and Chopta Valley. Just like other areas in North Sikkim, traveling to Lachen necessitates permits due to its proximity to the China border. These permits can easily be obtained through a travel agency based in Gangtok.
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Getting There & Getting Around Lachen

Easily accessible by road from major towns in Sikkim, Lachen welcomes tourists from places like Gangtok and Pelling. A comfortable SUV can be booked for a delightful journey to Lachen. which is nothing less than a picturesque day trip. The drive from Gangtok to Lachen takes around 8-10 hours and offers breathtaking views, although some sections of the road can be bumpy. It is advisable to start early in the day as night driving in the hills is not recommended for safety reasons.

Sightseeing & Activities

Experience the captivating allure of Lachen, a quaint hill town adorned with wooden houses, winding narrow roads, grazing cattle, and breathtaking hillside views. While the growth of tourism has introduced more concrete and brick houses, the town has managed to retain its old-world charm. Although there isn’t much for shopping enthusiasts, the picturesque setting of Lachen itself is a visual treat. A short walk to the Lachen monastery, a beautiful site that showcases the rich Buddhist culture. The majority of Lachen’s inhabitants are Bhutias or Tibetan Buddhists, but they also understand Hindi.
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The highly sought-after attraction near Lachen is the magnificent Gurudongmar Lake, located just 67 km away. To witness the most enchanting views of the terrain and the pristine lake itself, it is recommended to embark on the journey early in the morning. Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, the crystal-clear waters of Gurudongmar Lake stand out in the sparsely vegetated region. As you drive onward, you’ll notice the changing height and density of vegetation, offering a visual spectacle. The aroma of incense wafts through the mountain air from the regular intervals of incense stands outside houses, adding a unique touch.

Lachen epitomizes the scenic beauty of Sikkim, offering an unspoiled glimpse of the Indian countryside and reviving the nostalgia of yesteryears. Most accommodations in Lachen consist of welcoming homestays, allowing you to experience the warm hospitality of the locals firsthand. Additionally, Lachen serves as a starting point for mountain treks, which require meticulous planning and permits. Professional mountaineers and trekkers should make advance arrangements according to the appropriate season.

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