Aritar: Embrace Nature’s Abode In Eastern Sikkim

Aritar Travel Guide

Discover Aritar, a charming town nestled in Eastern Sikkim. Celebrated for its unspoiled natural beauty. Experience a serene retreat where lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, towering snow-capped mountains, and quaint monasteries create a picturesque landscape. The place offers a refreshing environment from the hustle of modern life.

Lampokhari Lake
Situated in the captivating Silk Route Sikkim, Aritar also provides exciting opportunities for adventure sports and trekking. Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures and immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness of this captivating destination.

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Exploring the Charms: Sightseeing and Activities

Prepare to be captivated as Aritar Tourism unfolds its breathtaking sites and awe-inspiring vistas. Every step you take promises a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Parbateyswar Shivalaya Mandir

Parbateyswar Shivalaya Mandir, Aritar Tourism
A serene sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva, the “Ishwar” of Devi Parvati. Religious pilgrims flock to this temple, particularly during the sacred month of “Shraavan Maas” in the Hindu calendar, dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. Step into this haven of tranquility, where entrance is free, and find solace in meditation or a profound connection with nature.

Lampokhari Lake

Lampokhari Lake, Silk Route Tourism

Start on a journey to one of Sikkim’s oldest natural lakes, nestled at an altitude of 4500 feet. Lampokhari Lake exudes a captivating charm, surrounded by lush greenery and serene vistas. Recently equipped with boating facilities, it offers a unique perspective of the surrounding hills. Indulge in horse riding and archery, further enhancing your experience. The months of April and May bring the Lampokhari Festival, a celebration that enthralls spiritually inclined travelers with mesmerizing flower shows, cultural performances, and tantalizing local cuisine. The lake is adorned with a small temple dedicated to Lord Padmasambhava. For the adventurous souls, a short trek from the lake leads to Mankhim Dara, home to a small temple and a vibrant Rai community. Here, the thrill-seekers can partake in rock climbing and paragliding, adding an exhilarating touch to their journey.

Aritar, a haven of beauty, awaits just a stone’s throw away from the monotony of everyday life. A pilgrimage to this enchanting destination guarantees tranquility and memories to cherish forever.

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